Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapter 1 and 13

I really enjoyed Chapter 13. I loved all the ideas of activities to do with the kiddos. I also like that many of them can be adapted down to the level of my little guys! I already do a version of the matching one using dominos. It is a VERY hard concept for them but they LOVE it! I also liked the TARGET style game, I think my (without sounding too dorky) that my family would enjoy this game! I know just last weekend my friends and I actually played 24 (it got in-tense!). I also like that these ideas were easy enough to do anywhere without costing anyone a ton of money! These are all good ideas that would keep all learners activity in one way or another, keeping learning going, and hopefully make it enjoyable. It is important as a teacher to remember these key factors. I also agree that if a learner is activity it needs to be in a productive way, there is nothing worse than "wasted" time.

Chapter 1 was full of good information also. The ideas of different practices were good. REAL-WORLD pracitce sticks out in my head the most. If you can not relate what you are learning to life, or even how it may eventually relate to life, then it is not going to mean as much to anyone. There was also very important things to keep in mind when working in a classroom.


  1. Ive been in your room. You adapt your lessons well to each student, as they all are on diferent levels. I read the assignment a week ago...I'm glad you reminded me about the books reference to no wasted time. Excess time in the activity is going to lead to student behaviors. I can remember how much it sucked to wait for my turn in grade school id the group was too big or game too long.

  2. I used to do dominos in one of the other classroom I had taught before. It was really fun to see how well the students did with it. It was also great to see that they taught it was a big game but I knew that they were actually learning from it!!

    When I was writing my blog the whole time I was trying to think of that game 24 but couldn't remember the name. I remember playing that in grade school. Man it was hard and intense at times. However, I remember getting discouraged because some students were able to do better at it than me. Math is an area that I have always struggled but I know if I work hard enough I can do it!!