Saturday, December 12, 2009

Article 1 and 2

After reading these two articles I have to say this...It only makes sense that there may be a link between depression, or other emtional issues, and learning disabilities. I am not saying that EVERY student with one has to have the other, but when one is noticed the other could be looked for.

Social Implications: A student with a learning disability may be noticed by other students. This can lead to teasing, questions, pointing, and other horrible things that children/students do to each other. Not being "the same" is something that is not easily accepted by students. In younger grades it is not as bad, students may ask questions and such, but they are still figuring things out themselves. However once students begin to "figure it out" they also notice differences in themselves and others. I can understand how this may become frustrating for a student, trying to fit in. All this frustation could quickly lead to acting out, being labeled the "bad" kid, but in some cases this is cool so why not? Or on the flip side it could lead to a shut down, why not just hide inside yourself? If you do not fit into society as you see it, make your own. Edward was a student who acted out, mostly due to a learning difficulty with class. He was actually smart in a sense, he figured out it was easier to GET OUT of class by acting out then trying to learn. Not to bad of an idea? These are only my thoughts, this is why I can see a possible link between the two.

Mental Implications: Once you realize that you do not "fit in" or that somehting is different about you I can only guess what thoughts go through your head. Why me? Can I fix it? Will it ever go away? Then I would image you would try to hide it, fix it, make it go away. While in school being like everyone else is always such an important thing, sad but true. Again, with this mentality I can see a lead to other things; acting out, depression, shut down, etc. In the article they talked about Margaret, she was a lonely student who came to be such because of learning difficulties. When it is difficult to learn in may be difficult to communicate in a way others understand, leaving you without friends. It is sad but true.

Thinking back: I can not remember strategies used by my teachers in school. I do remember students being pulled out for special classes, and everyone always knew who they were. Several times they were the bad kids, the "cool" kids that you did not want to be friends with, but you sure did not want to make mad. I also remember they were the ones you did not want in your group during projects. Again, see the social links?

Refine my practices: I have ALWAYS believed in social interaction between ALL students. It is important to make it known that every student has strengths and that every student in importanat. I like the idea of taking time to talk with your students, this (in certain grades) may make them feel important, let them know their thoughts count. It would also give them a way to express their difficulties without bringing the whole class in on the "secret". Praising students is a MUST in any room. And the idea of using multisensory methods to teach is also a given, I think.

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  1. I didn't find it surprising that there are links between learning disabilities and mental health. I mean if you really think about it who wouldn't be depressed if they couldn't read or feel like they couldn't learn anything. It's sad because these students don't know it's not their fault or maybe they do but don't realize that they can be helped.

    When I look at my classroom I see certain students act out when it comes to writing activities. I have on student inparticular that constantly end up in the quiet area because this student does not want to write because he can't write properly or keep up with the rest of the class and refuses help when offered because the student is just so frustrated.

    I had a hard time remembering strageties that my teachers used with us when I was in school. Like I said in my blog, all I can really remember is being threated with consequences if we didn't do our work and so forth. But, now that I read your response I do remember there being kids pulled out for certain classes and unfortunately these kids were the ones who were made fun of.