Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homework for 12-16

"Building Blocks"
That is truly what is needed in reading. Not everything comes easily to all students, that is so important to remember when teachin? And if they did not get the first part why would you think they would get steps 2, 3, and 4? That is unfair. I like the outline to different ways to teach reading, phonics/whole language/balanced. I think it makes sense to used a balanaced method. Not everyone learns the same, I know for me phonics was always VERY difficult, to this day I still can not spell well. Nothing pissed me off more than when the teacher said "sound it out". Or "look it up in the dictionary to spell it". I was to sound out a word that I was CLUELESS on spelling then look it up in the dictionary? I will say right now, that NEVER worked for me. And it made me so mad that I never wanted to learn how to spell. I still don't. Anyhow, balanced methods make the most sense. Use pieces of both methods to teach the other all concept. Adapt things to meet the students' needs. That is why we are in special education...right? We are here for all learners! Lets do it!

Effective reading programs are important. I liked the guidelines for this; knowing the order to learning, udnerstand that students need to know relationships of letters/words/sounds, udnerstand the amount of practice needed, teaching based on need, giving sutdents opportunites, and using highly trained teaches. This makes sense.

I watched all four. They were interesting and I truly enjoy hearing different sides to things. Also it is easier for me to listen to a video and take notes than to read a ton of articles and try to stay focused. I enjoyed hearing Ben talk about his struggles and overcoming them to write a book! GO BEN! (but I also think it is important that he pointed out how he WANTED to learn, that also needs to be there, so lets get these kids EXCITED to learn!) I also thought it is awesome how in the one video they said they scan the brain and show it to the child! What a great way to help the child udnerstand their body! And Jonathan's mom made a lot of sense when she said he hated school and she thought it was due to is frustration. Who wants to go to a place where they are in a cloud or confused all the time. I am glad interventions worked for him and he likes school now.


  1. I feel that you and I am have similar views on things. I agree that not everyone reads and/or learns the same. Everyone is different and it's important that teachers keep that in mind when they are teaching them. The students are there for a reason and that's to learn.

    I think the article had some really good advice in it for teachers and future teachers.

    I enjoyed the videos as well. I thought they were really interesting and hope that we get to do more of that in the future. I was glad to hear that he wanted to go to school in the end and started to enjoy his time in school like all students should. You should never have a force a child to go to school, they should want to!

  2. You are inspirational. i like thatyou put the blame on the teacher. That we as teachers need to get our students excited about reading and learning. I too hated when you asked how to spell something and the teacher responded look it up. Very, very, frustrating. I will say that having both good and bad teachers. Mrs. A sparked interest in reading. We were required to read a set number of books each year with freedom to pick the book but had to read a biography, fiction, history etc. Had she not set those guidelines I probably would not have branched out into diferent types of books. She also used to read to us. We were in 6th grade and our teacher read to us. She was animated and we couldnt wait til the next day when she would continue on with the story. James and the Giant Peach, Matilda etc. Reading came to life. It made me want to find books that were as exciting as the ones she read to us.

  3. I love what you said about reading. I never really got into many books that we HAD to read. Though I love to read. It is always better when it is something that is of interest to you, and who is to say what makes a good book good?